Temasys SkylinkJS Web SDK is an open-source client-side library for your web-browser that enables any website to easily leverage the capabilities of WebRTC and its direct data streaming powers between peers for audio/video conferencing.

You'll need a Temasys Account, and an App key to use this. Register here to get your App key.

Supported Browsers

Features Chrome Firefox Safari Edge (Chromium)
Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux, Android Win, Mac, Linux, Android Mac, iOS Win, Mac
Minimum Recommended Versions: 72 66 13 80
Screensharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Call Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio Call Yes Yes Yes Yes
Messaging Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • (+) Latest browser versions indicates the last tested browser version. It should work with the updated next versions, but if it doesn't, open a bug ticket.

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MCU Behaviour

  • There are certain considerations to note when using an MCU key. Read more here

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Current versions and stability

  • We recommend that you always use the latest versions of the Temasys SkylinkJS Web SDK as WebRTC is still evolving and we adapt to changes very frequently.
  • It is advised to not attach any event handlers to the WebRTC APIs as doing so may override the handlers set in SkylinkJS and result in unexpected behaviour.

Latest version: 2.5.0

How to build your own Temasys SkylinkJS Web SDK

Using Git command line tools, execute the following:

Node version: 14.17.5

# 1. Clone or download this repository via git terminal.

git clone

# 2. Install all required dependencies. Use (sudo npm install) if required.

npm install

# 3. Run the start script to start a local webserver to access the demo and doc folders. This will popup Chrome (Mac). You can configure a different browser in the file. Alternatively, you can run (sh

npm start # Note that this runs in Chrome currently.

What's included in the repository?

  • demos : Reference Code Examples.
  • docs : Generated documentation for the Temasys Web SDK.
  • temasys-jsdoc-template : Templates used documentation.
  • publish : Production version of the library as well as minified variants
  • src : Temasys Web SDK source